ADB AppControl

 Project support

Do you like ADB AppControl? Get even more features with the Extended version!

All project sponsors will receive ADB AppControl Extended activation key*.
Sorry guys, I don't have the ability to get donations any other way. So purchase the key to support me and my projects.
You can also treat a developer to a cup of coffee to inspire new ideas (just enable an "Add coffee" option before paying).

* The key is intended for personal use only and access to the functions of the Extended Version from 1 PC. Read more.

Keep the activation code in a safe place - it cannot be recovered!

For any questions please contact me by email:

Buy Extended Key vpn_key

Any problems with activation?
If you get the "connection error" due activation be sure you are using latest version of the ADB AppControl downloaded from the official website and your firewall doesn't block internet connection for it. In other cases please contact me by email and send your IP address and activation key.

With your support, you will not only thank, but also show that you liked the program and would like to see its further development. And this is really important. ADB AppControl only seems simple (I tried very hard to make it look like that!), but it contains over 10000 lines of code and takes a lot (really lot!) time to develop. Also, the author is open to new ideas and is ready to implement the functions you proposed in the program (if he considers them appropriate). If you have such wishes and are ready to invest in their implementation - let me know. 

Thanks a lot for your support!